Professional Moving Tips

Helpful Packing Tips:

  • Label all boxes clearly
  • Label boxes for the room they are going to in the new location
  • Use extra tape on the bottom of the box for support
  • Fill the boxes to top for strength during transit
  • Items should be packed tightly in all boxes
  • Heavier items in smaller boxes
  • Remove lampshades from lamps before boxing
  • Pack dishes on edge in box
  • Pack non essentials first


  • Place all spillible items upright in box 
  • Label important boxes with OPEN FIRST to be easily found in new location
  • Empty files from filing cabinet and pack in boxes
  • Take breakable items out of dresser drawers
  • Clothes can stay in dresser drawers 
  • Do Not Pack Flammable Items- gas cans, spray paint, aerosol cans, oil based paint
  • Use empty coolers for refrigerator contents on moving day
  • Drain fuel out of all machines for safety



Tools For the Job:

  • Boxes All Sizes
  • Tape
  • Tape Machine
  • Markers
  • Box Cutter
  • Paper
  • Bubble Wrap

Moving Day Tips:

  • If Applicable Contact: gas, electric, water departments to inform them of the move
  • Have all of your mortgage, lease, important papers in one place
  • Keep all of your valuable items in a place where only you know for piece of mind
  • Plan ahead for small children and pets on moving day
  • If possible have cars out of garage/driveway prior to truck arrival
  • Donate items before moving day
  • Disconnect washer/dryer prior to moving day
  • Please Note we DO NOT transport propane tanks
  • Anything that you are making other moving arrangements for should be well labeled and in a separate area to avoid confusion

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have, it’s a stressful process but we will do our best to make it stress free!